Our Region / Douro


The Douro Valley, comprised between Barqueiros and the Portuguese border, is fruit of the nature wonders, but also of the effort and energy used by man in its transformation.
The vine, that creates the species of the famous Port Wine, is the cause and the main reason of all this hard work. Centuries of toil, fatigue and human sweat disembowelled the earth, removed the solid schist, moulded the walls and terraced vineyards to support the vines, rising this gigantic work, that Marquês de Pombal would reward, in the XVIII century, with the title of the first Demarcated Region of the world.

On December 2001, UNESCO raised Alto Douro Vinhateiro to World Heritage. A title, given unanimously, that rewarded the oldest demarcated wine Region in the world, decreed by Marquês de Pombal, in 1756. An unique Region because it gathers the virtues of the schist soil and its privileged sun exposition with the singular characteristics of its microclimate together with the hard work of the Douro's man.

Its landscape highlight three main aspects: the singular nature of the territory, the natural relation of the wine culture with the olive and almond trees and the diversity of the local architecture. Besides these aspects, the candidature distinguished the remarkable work made by man in the construction of the schist walls that extend the hillsides and, especially, the authenticity and integrity of the cultural landscape.